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Sacramento, CA
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601 Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena CA 91101 - Map


Beds: 1
Baths: 1
Size: 584 sq.ft.
Balcony: Yes
Parking: Yes
Pets: Yes
Rentable: Yes
Web address for this listing:

Ideal location in a very nice neighborhood. Close to colleges, shops and restaurants. Easy access to both the 101 and 210 Freeways. Nice building with gated parking on Del Mar.Conveniently located near Old Pasadena, The Playhouse District and Metro Line. It's just waiting for your buyer


Asking price: $290,000
Maintenance: $220
Yearly taxes: $0

Monthly Payments (Aprox)

Financing: Total
80%: $1,671
85%: $1,762
90%: $1,853

* 30yr fixed at 6.4% w/ maint. & tax included. change terms